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10/9/2017 12:53:04 AM

A quality of life change for no HUD players

Love playing the sandbox with no HUD on. Lets me enjoy and appreciate the art teams work a lot more without seeing tiny numbers pop up every time i shoot some lads. The only problem with that is that you lose all sense of direction as far as finding objectives, tracking challenges, and being navigated by your ghost while on patrol missions.. Opening your ghost with no HUD does not provide you with the necessary info to keep you grinding efficiently. If you guys can retain the same amount of ghost navigational info as the people who do have their hud on, it would come a long way in keeping a portion of your community happy. Going to the pause screen and reapplying your hud just to track challenges or orient yourself is pretty tedious. If i could have that same info with just by opening my ghost would be amazing..
#feedback #pve #hud

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