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10/8/2017 6:28:33 AM

What happens if I delete a character imported from Destiny 1?

I'm thinking of tossing all of my Titan's gear in the Vault and making a new Titan; I want to re-do his face so he doesn't look so plain with his helmet off, and I also want to get more Vanguard Research Tokens this week from Ikora, since I'm grinding for the full set of promotional armor on all of my characters (Ego Talon IV, Frumious, and Noble Constant Type-2). I just wanna know if I have to worry about losing any of my Destiny 1 achievements if I delete my character; my Titan was the one I did everything with in Destiny 1. He's the one who did every Raid at level 390 in Age of Triumph, who completed every page of the record book that wasn't specific to the Hunter or Warlock, and completed every quest in the game and collected every Exotic weapon. I need to know if deleting him will in any way negatively effect my experience in Destiny, even if it's just achievements listed in the "Legacy" tab in the character menu.

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