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Hablemos de Destiny.
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The Story behind my biggest Tattoo, my Destiny Tattoo!

Hey guardians, I want to tell you the story of the biggest tattoo I have. It´s the story of a lot new friends and an experience with a game I´ve never expected. Destiny and Warlock Logo: It starts with my ex-girlfriend who´s playing destiny, I bought it for her because she wanted it. First I don´t care about it, I rather play resident evil and the evil within. She said “this game is too difficult for me“ and I started to play it. I knew nothing about destiny. I played the first few missions and are really happy about the new gear I get. A few weeks later my ex-girlfriend broke up our relationship and I don´t know what to do with me. I just sitting at home and want to do something without thinking on my ex-girlfriend. I decided to finish the story in destiny. And I did. Then I thought I need a better gear-set for my warlock. Then I did strike missions etc. I didn´t have a raid team and I wasn´t a good pvp player. For me alone it was impossible to get the high-level gear from the raid. So I decided to search some people on social media to get my first raid. Oryx: After I finished Crota raid with a few randoms I want to try the Oryx Raid after the release of The Taken King. I play day and night with different random people. I never finished the raid. We never beated Oryx. I know I can possibly do it but it doesn´t work. One day I´ve found 5 guardians on social media who want to raid. They did not finish the raid yet but I want to raid and said “hell yeah, let´s beat Oryx ass up“ and we get into this raid. And now it´s gonna be unbelievable. We finished the raid. We beat Oryx at our FIRST TRY. I don´t know how this was possible, but we did it. We are so happy about it. We added each other and play the raid next week again. We beat him again. So we decided to start a clan. Ghost-Shell with VMC Logo in the Eye: Our clan-name is “Vex Myth0clan“ because we want a connection to destiny in our name. I decided to get a ghost-shell because the ghost was the first one who believe in me and started the game with me while I´m alone and lost. My girlfriend left me and I thought I have nothing. This game powered me! I had new friends which I can talk to with my problems and they told me their problems. I don´t know how they look like, and they don´t know how I look like, but we liked each other. VMC are more than a Destiny clan. They are my friends! Light Beyond Nemesis: Nothing special about it, it was my first helmet I bought on Xûr. I´NEVER changed this helmet. I don´t care about the game mode, I always used this helmet. Dark-Drinker and Tilger: They should remind me to the changes from the taken king. I just love those swords in a shooter game. It makes me feel like a knight. I love to get a sword duel with a knight. Before I got this tattoo, me and my clan mates meets each other on Christmas. We all are living in Germany and decided to meet each other. We did and we got presents for everyone. We are friends. We are guardians. We are a family. After this „date“ I decided to get this tattoo. Destiny and my clan- mates helped me so much in this time of darkness and depression. I hadn´t time to suffer, the universe needed me! A few days after my first Oryx completion I´ve dated a girl, but I went earlier at home because I said I have to raid with my squad. She was confused but she asked „Can I come with you and watch you playing?“ I said yeah, of course. Now she´s my girlfriend for two years now. She played destiny, have full grimoire in D1 and is a part of our clan and our family. Thanks Bungie for making a game which helped me so much. Thanks for the friends I´d found. Thanks for feeling like a hero when I raid with my clan mates. I love your game, I love the community, I love Destiny. And this is why I decided to get the biggest tattoo I have. <3 P.S.: English is my third language, I hope you guys understand what I´m trying to tell you. Tattoo by: Marc Guthe EDIT: I don´t know why, but the picture is deleted. Here´s the link to it:

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