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Small Quality of Life Suggestions

There have been many amazing tweaks to UI elements and other areas of Destiny 2 that were more cumbersome in Destiny 1 and that's awesome. However, some of the new interfaces feel, to me at least, like they need a little more refinement. - [b]Power Level toggle[/b] - I can't speak for others but personally I would prefer to always see the individual power levels and elements of all of my gear when I'm in a menu. When looking through my character's inventory or vault I find myself always holding down left trigger to keep that information available. - [b]Legendary Mod Indicator[/b] - Some way to tell if a piece of gear has a +5 from a legendary mod at a glance. Maybe bring back the yellow color shift from Destiny 1 when a weapon was maxed out or add small power level symbol but some way to see this information without having to inspect that piece of gear would be an amazing touch. I imagine some players have made infusion mistakes with this especially with exotics. - [b]Shader quick navigation[/b] - Currently when applying shaders to gear you must use the buttons to left via the cursor to cycle through shaders. This can feel a little tedious when previewing a bunch of shaders to find the exact look you want and being able to use the d-pad to cycle through would feel a lot cleaner. Lastly while all of the new sorting options are nice a few more or more precise sorting control would be much appreciated especially for the vault. Perhaps being able to combine the current options and choosing the order of precedence. Overall loving Destiny 2. When the main feedback I can think of is nit picky as this you know you are doing something right.

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