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10/5/2017 12:25:50 PM


First off I love this game. Halo style with a RPG elements - like sense game style. This game could be a diamond across all platforms with the correct readjustments. Learn from Destiny 1's mistakes: take what's good; bring it back and then make exciting changes to keep players wanting to COME BACK. 1.) Let's move away from making things super f--king repetitive. I get it, WoW and other games can get repetitive, but they have a decade of content. A full functionally guild/clan system with real time in-game chat features. Yet, we have to tab out and go into a forum and hope someone see's you need help. I do appreciate you made the forums to help find people to help you, but this is one of the biggest games of the year. We can't compete with lower budget games? Is Bungie and Activision that greedy? 2.) As a RPG player since early childhood - I had always appreciated the grind. Getting super rare loot from a super rare and random boss. That drops equipment you can actually USE and/or even a exotic-quest change for something amazing awaiting at the end. 3.) Enters game - everyone wearing the same equipment (newbies and late game). I'd love to see Bungie's item's list. It probably consist of 20-40 items max (at least it seems this way). Exotic gear is decently hard to get, but really? Is it really hard to get? No... It's not. You want people excited to go hunt on patrols, strikes, and so on then give them a reason too. I know this just seems like a redundant rant, but I'M TIRED OF SEEING EVERYONE WITH THE SAME GEAR. How am I suppose to be motivated to grind when all I can loot is f--king Mantas gear and the same exotics. Over and over. It's bullshit. Go into other games like Diablo 3 just as a example and seek their item list. It's almost unlimited. C'mon I expected more for such a hyped and well sponsored game. 2.) Regional/world chat feature, such as, "Hey everyone public event here anyone down to help?" A regional broadcast. People love to communicate in general. It helps with recruiting for clans, finding people to nightfall, raid, and pvp together. IT'S USEFUL; which is helped make successful gams successful. EASY communication. 3.) It seems Destiny's motive is to have a RPG element, without trying to be rude - don't go full-retard. Take what works so well for other RPG games (that's lasted years or even decades) and take that idea and add your own fine details on. 4.) You won't us to go explore/play the same repetitive patrols, strikes, and even PVP maps. Where is the incentive? Back in 2000~ rpg games gave you a reason to explore areas. Some had super rare enemies that only re spawned like once a month, that was hard a f to kill, but if you eventually did you had the potential to get amazing loot. If a company in 2000 could do something like this to make a game and exploration my interesting then how the f can we not go above and beyond in 2017/ entering 2018. Be creative. Make shit worth while, holy hell Dev's. There isn't excuses, but laziness and lack of creativity. When low budget games from the the year 2000 has some better features than a 'Top Tier' game of 2017 is amazing yet amusing. 4.) PVP, PVP, Player vs Player: Same maps over and over, over powered super powers which require little skill, and just better experiences in general. a.) In-game stat and leader-boards (other games do it like Activision which supports this game so this should be possible. b. Make competitive play more balanced on a team based system. Last night I had 2 level 10~'s that ended up quitting after feeding their asses off. Fair right? Competitive play should give better rewards because it's more try-hard. c. Trials~ it's really hard to find groups for this shit, do as you are with the nightfall beta. 5.) FINALLY, get your shit together. You're letting low budget games have better features and game-play then Destiny 2 itself. Honestly, I think your dev team is to comfortable. I'd love to see VARY RARE (like only since once or twice a week) and random enemies (not this repetitive public event shit that gives you the same loot). Same shit different day. How many people do you expect to keep playing? What's yor companies real goal? A quick pay-day? Then pop smoke, go on vacation and say f--k Destiny? Do you want to be another game among the many, or be considered one of the best games out to date? YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY. If the game continues on the same path it's on right now; with the repetitive nature, hard to coordinate, find pick up grounds, and real community communication then it'll eventually fall off. THIS GAME HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL. FIX THIS SHIT. For the sponsors and owners; demand changes or cut ties withe the development team. It's hilarious games from over a decade ago have some better features that a highly hyped game in 2017. --- Be creative, give people a reason (A REAL REASON as we know Reputation coins are useless after a certain point) to do repetitive shit, and I know it's easy said but do your f--king jobs or hopefully the higher up owners make changes to the development team. Just read and consider what I said or I'm sure within the next 4 months this game will make a dramatic decline in playtime from it's norm players and loyalties.

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