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Editado por ill skillz: 10/2/2017 9:15:45 PM

Bungie logic - Grenades.

I have all three characters and love all of them so please don't call me a whiner or accuse me of starting an "op character war." I feel ALL characters have amazing elements to play around with. Titans get skill tree abilities for two grenades and don't even need exotics. Warlocks get the [b]EXOTIC[/b] gauntlets nerfed and get ONE grenade? Bungee logic at its finest and still can't understand why they nuked so many exotic level armour pieces ? No one ever complained about the sun breakers? They didn't break the game or ruin anyone's fun? Why did you have to kill this exotic? Why kill so many amazing exotics in general? I'm not expecting stuff to do game breaking mechanics - BUT who ever complained about the sun breakers? They did the same in year one nerfing every grenade into the ground - to release the shinubou vows. Mature comments are appreciated!!

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