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Mystery of the daito room

So running around tonight with a new buddy (thanks peter fts) i finally made it into that room by dead space and future war cult. Seen it? You can not get to it it seems.... But as we all know bungie loves its little puzzles and secrets so to get to it go to the hangar pick a far corner and head up the cat walk stairs now work your way back to the hangar entry... Here you will see a cat walk ledge that will require a lil tricky jump to get to. Landed it? Good. Now follow the pathway into the air ducts until bam... Youre in the daito room (calling it that because it has daito flashing on the big screens) now currently there IS SOMETHING TO INSPECT its not easy though because who knows why but it seems to glitch constantly so keep adjusting till you get it. Now your ghost has something interesting to say.... Any ideas on what it could be guys? My guess is it is for the dlc.... Maybe? Thoughts? And as for wrong forum... Sorry but you are both idiots. Be helpful or just shut up because it shows how important it is for you to criticize and try and bring someone who is just trying to help the community down.

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