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9/29/2017 1:11:58 PM

Is CABBAGE ever going to be fixed?!

So is the CABBAGE error ever going to be fixed or do I have to just give up and sell the game? I have one of the routers affected by the problem (Technicolor 582n) and I cannot take the steps that Bungie has suggested because I cannot access my router page. Not that I should have to, seeing as I can play EVERY other game without issue (including Destiny 1). Please Bungie I beg you, please fix this issue. I really enjoy the game but I just cannot play it with all these errors. A game has honestly never driven me so crazy in my life! Also, please just at least give us detailed updates on the situation instead of just telling us over and over again that you are still investigating the problem. That lack of information is the main thing that really makes me angry about this whole situation.

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