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9/28/2017 4:03:21 PM


I hope people are complaining to Bungle so they buff the Hunter. I used to main Hunter too but I began feeling so useless in D2. I thought maybe the invisibility can make up for my lack of protection, but the invis time is much shorter than D1. And I've had an issue where in PvE and PvP I still get hit when I dodge anyway. And the dodge bonuses proc if youre close to an enemy (which by then, youre probably gnna die) and you can instantly reload... Why not at least have something clutch if youre approaching a hazard? 100% bonus melee damage or something like youd expect from a hunter/assassin type character? Also, in raid I feel like we constantly struggle so much more when we have hunters as opposed to warlock and titan. It's really an inconvenience having them sadly and most of my friends main hunter... so raiding makes us all pretty annoyed with the Hunter disadvantages.

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