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9/27/2017 7:48:18 AM

Faction Rally Bug





I ran into a problem playing faction rally event. I've been grinding for dead orbits gauntlets for hours spending 100s of tokens and now they seem to only be dropping the same shader and nothing else. I spent 100s in one sitting got only the shader and nothing else, I would leave and come back and would still only get the same shader again and again I've been playing since vanilla destiny and I would much recommend vendors in destiny 2 because all this grinding to receive nothing is heartbreaking as I loved this game and Destiny 1 but this is frustrating to me and a lot of others who have the same problem. Please help because at this point the the event is ruined for me as I receive nothing except shaders. I have literally every other piece of dead orbit gear and weapon for my hunter except arms and after hours of grinding and 100s of tokens I only get shaders! Please help me if anyone knows a way to fix this.
#Help #RNG #shaders

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