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Editado por bwaksy: 9/23/2017 10:34:19 PM

Three problems in Destiny 2 PvP that should be talked about.

First is controls inequality. Default controller layout is very poorly suited for competitive play, player can gain big advantage by learning to play with the "Jumper" control scheme, bigger advantage with claw grip and even bigger with SCUF/Elite controller. Why is this important? Because many players get very used to the default control scheme before they learn ins and outs of PvP, before they learn about how advantageous the "Jumper" is. So in the end they choose to stick with the default layout anyway. The game sets them up for a failure from the beginning. What makes it all worse is the coundown game mode, where you gain big advantage if you are able to defuse the charge and shoot at the same time! My point is that the default control scheme should not be the worst control scheme in the game, it should be the best. Right now it is the worst. Another point is: don't give SCUF/Elite controller users any room to breathe, player should not be able shoot his weapon when he is defusing! Second is parties vs solo players in both quickplay and competitive. Putting random solo players against coordinated teams is unfair and not fun. There is two solutions to this problem: Don't match parties with solo players. Or restrict the use of console party chat in PvP, combine two voice channels into one to stop confusing the players. Force everyone to communicate via one voice channel without the ability to hide in a party. CS:GO on XBLA did it and it was incredible. It should be doable. Guided games advice players to use voice communication, so it is importaint in challenging game modes, PvP is challenging but why it not follows this phoilosophy, why PvP not advises players to at least be in the same voice channel? Third problem and the big elephant in the room is XIM and other kb&mouse converters. Stop being silent about! Do something! Make a statement! Solve the problem. It is unfair, it is worse than SCUF/Elite and they are bad enough already.

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