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9/18/2017 6:52:45 PM

Individual button-mapping for consoles

Yes, please


No, thanks




Need it. Should've been in the first Destiny, sure as hell beats the selection of button layouts offered in Destiny 2 (not surprising, considering it's copy-pasted from the first). Pros: each player could tailor their layout to meet their individual needs. Cons: in the process of experimenting, players might screw themselves over for a short time. Example: I like sprinting. A lot. And I don't melee people that often. Ideally, I'd like to move sprint to LB and melee to RS (moving inspect to LS and grenade to RB in the process). The selection of button layouts Destiny 2 offers doesn't allow this. Not even close. The closest layout is 'Mirror', which swaps the functions of both pairs of bumpers, triggers, and sticks. Too much. WAY too much. I tried it. It sucked. Granted, I get sprint moved to RS - which is better for me than LS - but I also have to cope with the things I most definitely didn't want swapped - zoom and fire - having been swapped (again, I tried it, and I couldn't kill anything). Back in Halo, having a handful of button layouts worked. The game was simple, so only simple changes to the control scheme were needed to ensure everyone got what they wanted. Destiny 2 is a helluva lot more complex than Halo, and it's approach to player controls should reflect that.

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