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9/18/2017 4:39:33 PM
The first Goblins quickly went down, shot by Cereghetti's CAR-15. Soon enough, William joined in as well. "Does this mean that the whole stealth-thing is done now, Spaghetti?", Lee asked. Cereghetti simply nodded, and got back to taking out the Vex. Pulling out a heavy, double-barreled hunting rifle from behind his back, Lee got ready to do that as well. He aimed at a Minotaur charging their position, and shot a shell. A thundering sound erupted from the gun's barrel, and the Minotaur went down in a fiery explosion, taking a couple of Hobgoblins with him. Lee laughed loudly, and aimed again, to the left this time, and shot down a Goblin that had just warped in, the follow-up explosion decimating the surrounding ranks. A weird rythm was created, which consisted of the silenced gunshots of Cereghetti's CAR-15 and William's scout rifle, occasionally interrupted by Lee's heavy hunting rifle. But the Vex tide kept coming, and eventually William had to use his shotgun. Lee fired a final shot, and then swapped his rifle for a Colt .45 and his sword. Cereghetti however, stayed in the back, as melee wasn't really her thing. And while the Goblins were seemingly endless, they couldn't get past the wall that the two men formed. Although William had to tell himself the whole time to not use his Light, he still managed to stand his ground. As the battle went on, the Fireteam got tired, but they didn't give up. Lee even charged forward, pushing back the Vex as he cleaved through their lines. But what seemed like a great idea at first, was a horrible plan, as the tactician that William was immediately knew. Lee's charge created a hole in the line, and the Vex were now directly charging Cereghetti, who had switched to her sidearm after emptying the CAR-15's magazine. "William", Cereghetti shouted. "Did you download anything?" William simply nodded as he shot another shotgun shell into a Minotaur. Cereghetti appeared to be satisfied, probably because the mission would succeed. If her Fireteam died in this library, Echo would be able to pick up the   data. William pushed aside a Goblin, and then noticed the Hydra floating in the back. It opened fire, and William suddenly realized that Cereghetti wasn't wearing armor that could withstand those cannons. He ran towards her, intent on casting a Ward of Dawn around her. At the moment, he didn't care about Validus' advice of 'not using the Light'. He wasn't going to let a team member die unnecessarily! But before he even reached her, the Hydra exploded, followed by the other Vex units, which where shot in the back by a squad of soldiers. William could barely see the Syndicate's uniforms. They had finally arrived! He gestured Cereghetti to come with him, and ran towards the Syndicate brothers. As the Vex were still warping in, the Syndicate troops formed a circle around the two and escorted them to the middel of the library, where they had set up a small transmat zone. For a moment, everything was white around William, but then he stood in the SS Hawkeye, which quickly sped away from Vault 107, flying back to Cape Orignal. TO BE CONTINUED

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