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9/16/2017 9:51:15 AM

Destiny 2 really knows how to make you feel bad about accomplishing things...

At this point it is such a common theme with this game that it's officially become annoying. Why is everything in this game limited use only.....The game is great, but they are trying to fluff up the amount of total time a person can spend running around in Destiny 2 by making so many of the things you actually earn by doing something other than guns and gear are limited use items..... I went flawless in Trials today for the first time ever in trials. I ran a prestige nightfall and completed it. and the only thing i got other than an emblem that says "You did the thing" is literally only good until the weekly reset.....How unfortunate, they are a really cool thing that shows off "this guy did something cool" however it was handled in the worst possible way. when it describes them as things you will earn from doing challenging and special stuff yet it's a rather fleeting reward that they want you to continually re-earn like shaders. having to re re-earn auras is the equivalent of having to re-earn a title... every week. "You may be Ragnar the Mighty, but you will go back to being called Phil until you do it all again next week.". This game is the best case scenario of how to reward people for doing something in the most unsatisfying way possible from Aura's being short term to raid loot mostly coming from a vendor at the end of the raid that is only available after completion of the raid....I love the game, but damn does it need to stop kicking people in the face at the top of every hill they climb.

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