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9/14/2017 6:36:36 PM

[Xb1] WELCOME! To the Legends of the Unknown clan built for solo players and fire teams

I'll join if they have cookies [We do :p]


I will miss out on cookies this time


Welcome! We are the legends of the unknown inviting all guardians (18+) to join! Doesn't matter if your a solo player who just likes the rewards from being in a clan ;). Or if you are a guardian who loves to game with others. We are a VERY ACTIVE CLAN and also a very respectable clan helping all who need it. This clan participates in all activities including -Raids -Crucible -Trails of the Nine -Strikes -Nightfalls Just to name a few. Let us Solo players and Firefeams unite under one banner!!! So that the Legends of the Unknown will forever echo through the light.

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