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Editado por MaxSmalls: 9/14/2017 8:03:00 PM

Poll / Feature Request: Add a north direction to Radar or HUD somewhere.

Yes, I'd like a North HUD marker


No, I don't want a North HUD marker


Indifferent to a North HUD marker


Hey, I would mostly want this for Crucible but is beneficial to PvE as well. Would really like a North reference on the radar or on the HUD somewhere. It would make callouts a lot easier for teamwork. Right now the only good references we have is control points and even then, the best we can do is try to call what point they are coming from. Anyway, thanks for your time! *Edit* I am aware that locations have a name displayed at the bottom but not everyone is going to memorize every location in the game especially in PvE and having directions available in a firefight where you can't pull up your map would be useful there too.

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