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9/13/2017 4:27:06 AM

No Bonuses Confirmed

Alright Bungie. [b]What. The. Hell.[/b] I've done [b]three[/b] play throughs to lvl 20 and completed the campaign and I'm yet to receive all of my pre order bonuses. Let me make this clear, [u]I pre-ordered the PS4 Pro bundle months before release and I redeemed every code in the box and receipt[/u] the very night Destiny 2 was released. I am missing everything besides the Kill tracker ghost. [b]Why has this problem not been addressed[/b]? This is terrible and I'm sure the number of people having this problem is in the thousands across PS4 and XBOX. There was no point to pre order the game if we don't get [b]ALL[/b] of the bonuses.

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