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9/10/2017 12:28:21 PM

Portions of the Nightfall are specifically designed to be artificial time-wasters

Things in the nightfall that artificially waste time: 1) Waiting for the ghost to open doors, both right at the start and after the second tank. 2) Waiting for ships to come by to drop off charges, which particularly seems to take ages during the boss fight. 3) The elevators. First, we need to wait for the second tank to be fully lowered before we can start attacking it. Then, we need to wait for our elevator to rise to where the boss is, which takes a ridiculously long time. My point is, for god's sake, crap like this doesn't belong in activities that have challenges like Rat King and Speed of Dark. If the strike itself isn't challenging enough, don't try to make up for that by inserting mandatory "waiting" periods at random points along the strike just to make it seem longer.

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