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9/9/2017 1:21:13 AM

Golden gun aim assist is annoyingly high

Please reduce it. It is irritating to lose a shot because the drag is so powerful, im losing valuable damage to bosses because it latches so hard to anything that moves around a stationary target. Last night i was doing heroic glimmer public events in the EDZ and while trying to shoot that drill thing that pops up to trigger the heroic event it would unexpectedly grab a dreg that walked by. My sensitivity let me down and i couldnt move my golden gun fast enough to get out of the aim assist grip, it was impossible, shot wasted... Just moments ago i was doing a strike, the boss shot out some orbs i could damage to stop them from hitting me. I was trying to shoot the boss with my 3rd goldy shot but the aim assist was just like. "No, you are screwed now" i had no chance in hell of landing that shot. Its like a death grip, once it has you, no escape. I doubt it will get reduced (gonna have to wait for pc release for keyboard and mouse) but this is my feedback, its just aggresive and annoying to have such high aim assist when a golden gun shot is so valuable, only to have it wasted in an instant due to something waltzing by.

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