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9/8/2017 11:40:14 AM

Guardian who needs help... Cozmo/DeeJ...Mentors...

Ok so I pre-ordered Destiny 2 Limited Edition for the Xbox One back in June from a large game retailer within the UK (Probably the biggest, so you can probably guess, don't want to drop names, although I will never use this company ever again as their customer service has been despicable) who have offered no sort of help or compensation, stating that it may not be until 12/09/2017 by the time I receive my order as they are now blaming Royal Mail even though it was posted 1st Class... [u]It's now 3 days after launch and I am still without my order and I am about to lose it![/u] All my friends pre-ordered their versions (A lot after me, some even up until the week before launch) and they all got their orders on launch day from other retailers... I have been playing Destiny since the D1 Beta so you can imagine my pain right now haha... Anyway, I was wondering if I now go out and buy an [i]off the shelf[/i] standard copy of the game to see me over until my limited edition arrives will that mean I would lose out on my pre-order bonuses?... (Cold Heart, Sword, Emote etc) As I can't wait around anymore (Especially with the weekend ahead) my plan is to purchase a physical standard copy of the game until my limited edition arrives then return the standard copy or even sell to a friend. So does anyone know if I will be ok from the pre-order bonus aspect or not?...

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