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Fight Fire with Fire- A Destiny Story

So I buried myself in some Byf Videos and Grimoire lore and was inspire to write this. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Fight Fire with Fire The origin. Where it had all began, where the first blight sprung into the universe. How much time had passed since she arrived? Time had become meaningless compared to the task at hand. She was playing a very dangerous game, one she knew would likely end in her death. The notion should have scared her but it didn't, instead it filled her with a sense of peace. She would earn this peace before she embraced it. Standing in the ruins of an ancient city, noxious rain pouring down from the sky, she wondered what the people had done in those final moments as the monstrous wave enveloped them. Were they clutching loved ones? Crying? Standing defiantly to the bitter end? Footsteps echoed through the empty rooms as Mara Sov strode with purpose, her coven flanking her. The group would have been intimidating to anyone else, but Eris knew who the real enemy was. "It pleases me to see that you've survived so far, my Hidden friend." Eris nodded in response, bowing her head slightly. The Queen's eyes scanned Eris who knew exactly what she was looking for. "Time is running short, my Queen. I assume you've chosen this location for a purpose." The Queen looked like she might demand something but changed her mind. "This world once held trillions of lives that were wiped from existence in a single breath. That energy remains." The Coven moved around Eris and began to chant slowly, barely above a whisper. Eris looked to Mara, "And Osiris?" Mara's lip curled slightly, "Traveling to the Ascendent Realm is no small feat and not without significant risk to all involved which is why it requires so much energy. There is another place where we will deliver him." Eris contented herself to focus on the task at hand. Oryx was weak, stuck in the Ascendent Realm without his power stream which she had taken from his sword. Using it, she will kill Oryx and his worm forever. Her attention fell on Mara who whispered in the ear of the nearest Techeun, keeping her eyes locked on Eris. It was almost comedic as Mara Sov stood only a few feet away plotting against Eris while she pretended to help. Eris could not be tricked, she knew the Brood Mother who pulled Mara Sov's strings, Savathûn. One third of the Hive threat, Savathûn was Eris' second objective once Oryx was dealt with. The Techeun's chanting grew loud, the air around Eris growing dark and out of focus. As the light grew dim, Eris locked eyes with Mara who smiled devilishly before everything went black. When she opened her eyes again, Eris found herself in a haze of green and grey mist. The ground was uneven and hard, as she took a few steps ahead of her. The mist moved around her like cat, lithe and silent. For a moment, Eris felt panic, lost in this realm between realities. Her mind screamed at the memories of being alone and forgotten in the deep. A shadow grew in the fog ahead of her until it took the shape of a person. "Eris, it's been a long time. Welcome to the Overworld. I see you've been using your powers to learn as I had instructed." Eris nodded at the new arrival and smiled, "Toland."

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