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8/29/2017 10:43:06 PM

Was never given code to redeem my pre-ordered copy of Destiny 2

Hello, Over a month ago I pre-ordered my copy of Destiny 2 for the PC through my local Gamestop. After paying and everything I checked the receipt for an access code or anything for the beta. When I couldnt find it I asked, and was told that the code would be available closer to the Beta. So I went on my way. But yesterday I had still not received the code for the Beta so I called gamestop. They confirmed my pre-order but then informed me that they were "all out of the Beta codes". They told me that the only way I could get an access code still was to contact Bungie and have them issue a code. I am very confused as to why everytime I go to order a bungie game, it is always soooo painful to receive the special gifts/rewards that your company advertises. If someone from your company can please contact me and inform me where to go from here. I have been waiting forever for this and now I still dont even have the correct access to it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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