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Dual Primaries - A Second Opinion

The infamous dual primaries... or more accurately named, "Kinetic, Energy, and Power" weapons, have become quite the topic of discussion since the beta. It has been one of, if not [i]the[/i] most hated change from the new game so far and part of me still agrees. The beta didn't feel like Destiny 1. Supers and grenades were less frequent, making the game feel less space magic-y and more focused on guns. The new weapon slots were weird and confusing, "why can I only sometimes use my shotgun now? why can't I have both a sniper and rocket launcher at my disposal?" "WHY AM I HOLDING TWO DIFFERENT COLORED HAND CANNONS?!" Some people said it felt more like Halo than it did Destiny 1, which sort of makes sense. Halo was all about using different combinations of normal guns (primaries/kinetic) and controlling the areas where power weapons spawn (heavy ammo supply zones in PVP). It's a very fun dynamic that worked well in Halo PVP, it just isn't what Destiny 1 was originally [i]suppose[/i] to feel like. I kept thinking about how different this all is... One of my biggest concerns was how they would balance power weapon drops. If power ammo drops too frequently you might get too many rockets at your disposal, while at the same time if power ammo drops less frequently then you barely get to use your shotgun, which in my opinion has no ([i]sweet[/i]) business being in the power weapon slot to begin with. And now I have to choose between either my shotgun or my rocket?........WTF! It was all too different, all too strange, and just didn't give me that same Destiny 1 vibe. ...But then I thought about it. I thought about how Bungie had increased the Super recharge rate a little more, and thought about how they made grenades more powerful and worth the wait. This lead me to really question the whole weapon slot change and if it would really be that bad. Bungie must see something good in a drastic change like this, or else I really don't think they would have done it. So, giving it a second thought, I realized a lot of my complaints weren't really that big of a deal in the long run. To be perfectly honest, the weapon slots in Destiny 2 are totally ok with me in PVP. I think we can all agree on some level that the biggest issue we have with this change is this [i]limitation[/i] we get from the new weapon slots for PVE, and not so much PVP. Starting with the power weapon slots, snipers and shotguns really do feel natural in this space. Snipers in Destiny 1 were, 90% of the time, THE most requested item for raids. For whatever reason, snipers were the end all boss killer that almost seemed required for any or all boss encounters. Hell, I've seen people get scolded for hitting the boss with a rocket launcher because of how ineffective they were (except for whenever Ghally was relevant). I also use to be concerned that getting too many power ammo drops for the sake of having shotgun ammo more frequently would make rockets way too abundant and make the game too easy, but after having just played Destiny 1 for the first time in months I noticed myself consistently getting rocket ammo and in fact using my heavy more often than I remembered. And as for the dual primary slots, or the Kinetic and Energy slots, I've grown accustomed to this too. At first in my mind I thought "...great... now I can use two different primaries at the same time...guuuud..." but I then thought about what that meant. I thought about the possibilities of being able to switch between a ranged and cqc style weapon and how many combinations of play you could have. I never get to use stuff like hand cannons or scout rifles because I'm always using an auto rifle, but now I can choose a weapon for both ranged fire fights and up close battles. I can combine the range of a scout rifle with the short-range power of the newly added SMGs, I can use the versatility of an auto rifle while still having the sheer destructive power that is [i]Sweet Business[/i]... God....DAMN can we talk about [b]Sweet Business[/b] for a minute? This is the kind of gun that really gives me hope for this game. One of my biggest concerns going into this new weapon slot change was being stuck with 2/3 slots of the same style of weapons. We already used primary weapons too often, let us use something else cool and interesting. Then BAM! Bungie slapped me with that Sweet Business. It makes me think of all the different types of Kinetic/Energy weapons they can create to keep the primary slots from going stale. If they were able to make a heavy machine gun usable in a primary slot, think of what else they could do? I mean, in Destiny 1 they made a shotgun that was usable in a primary slot. Back in their Halo days, they made the Mauler, which was a one handed shotgun that worked well on it's own (and even better with [i]two[/i]). But unlike Halo, you choose what you start with, you choose what weapon combinations fit your play style, and you still get to use your sniper or rocket or shotgun, just not all the time like a power hungry maniac... And plus, in PVE if I really want to use my sniper or rocket I'll just switch to it. I only use snipers when I'm expecting to fight a boss or I see someone far away I want to take out. I'll have time to switch them out so... shrug. And yes, this still doesn't feel like Destiny 1. But it also doesn't feel like Halo... It doesn't feel like COD. It doesn't feel like Battlefield One. It feels like, [b]Destiny 2[/b].

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