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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Destiny History: Forget the Humans

Here's the third part of my history of Destiny posts, although this actually goes much further back in time than the other two do. The other two are on humanity's history, and here are the links Golden Age and Collapse: Dark Age and City Age: If any of you have read the grimoire, you'll know that most of the pre-humanity lore comes from the Books of Sorrow. I'll be paraphrasing all that, and for all of u who have already read the Books, don't worry, there's a bit of other info in here. This one goes out to all the Hive, Fallen, Vex, and Cabal out there. May your Worm be full, your ether be plentiful, your future be clear, and your enemies be beaten into the ground ___________________________ Eons ago the Light crossed over into our realm through the Void and created a material body that we now know as the Traveler. It's vague, but it's all we got. We know that sometime after, a species called Worms began serving the Darkness and sought to destroy the Light and all unworthy life in the universe. The Traveler and a creature called the Leviathan worked together to trap them in the core of a world allied Fundament. According to the Worms, millions of years passed before three children were born to the Osmium King on Fundament. At this time the empire known as the Ecumene ruled many star systems peacefully and a species known as the Ammonites occupied the moons of Fundament along with the Traveler. 511 species collectively known as Krill had grown from the remains of a planet that had fallen into the seas of Fundament, and one was ruled by the Osmium King, who's only 3 surviving daughters were Aurash, Xi Ro, and Sathona. To summarize, a coup was staged by Taox and the 3 daughters were chased off. After 2 years the sisters dove into the core of Fundament and struck a deal with the Worms. The sisters became Auryx, Xivu Arath, and Savathûn then brought the Worms to the surface and had many of their species ingest them. The Worms in turn gave them power and eternal life under the condition that they always feed their Worm through killing. In a matter of years they killed everything on Fundament and its moons, then for 20,000 years they drifted in their War Moons and gave themselves the name Hive. Early on after the drifting, in a century alone, they killed 18 species. Soon their count grew to 306 worlds exterminated. 24,000 years after the killing around Fundament the Hive encountered the Ecumene. At first the Ecumene crushed the Hive, but then Auryx killed his sisters and then Akka the Worm God to speak with the Deep, where he learned to Take. Auryx became Oryx and slaughtered the Ecumene for 100 years. His slaughter revived Xivu Arath, and 40 years later Oryx tricked the Ecumene so cruelly it revived Savathûn. 1000 years later the Ecumene were extinct and Oryx created the tithe system to feed Worms. 10,000 years after becoming Oryx they came upon the Taishibeth empire and wiped them out as well. After speaking directly with the Deep, Oryx gave birth to Crota, Ir Anûk, and Ir Halak. Many years later, Crota cut open a wound that opened up into a Vex system, allowing them to enter Oryx's sword space. This is the first recorded encounter of the Vex in our timeline and the first time Vex ever entered a sword space, although the Vex had probably already existed in our timeline before this. Quria was created to study the throne realm physics and through its experiments the Vex created the Vault of Glass and the Black Garden's Heart as well as learning how to set the Black Garden adrift in time with the ontological power discovered by studying the Darkness. Oryx eventually returned to his throne and repelled the Vex. Oryx tossed Crota out into the Vex system as punishment, leaving Crota to fight through history. After this Oryx built his Dreadnaught and flipped his throne realm inside-out into it so that it would be one with the great starship. This day is now a Hive holiday known as Eversion Day, which is celebrated by turning things inside-out (mark your calendars). In his new Dreadnaught, Oryx destroyed the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible, a Harmony empire fleet that guarded the Nicha Thought-ship. Onboard the Thought-ship was a trap made by Quria, Blade Transform, but Oryx was too powerful and Quria was Taken. The Hive moved on to destroy the Harmony and their Gift Mast, which was a giant structure infused with Light. They defeated the Ahamkara that the Harmony had requested to fight alongside them and ate the Gift Mast, then finished off the Harmony. After this war, the 3 siblings parted paths to grow stronger individually. By this point Crota had apparently found a way back to Oryx after decades of wandering through time and growing immensely powerful. Sometime that we can guess to be after Oryx's sisters left him, the Darkness followed the Traveler to the Eliksni empire. The Eliksni Houses of Stone and Rain were lost (possibly other Houses too) in what was called the Whirlwind and the surviving Houses all fled to the stars. Anger over what had happened led to blame, and the House of Judgement was destroyed by the other Houses. Tensions grew and House Scar was destroyed (presumably by Winter). After centuries of travel, the Fallen came to our system right after our Collapse. The Vex filtered into our system after the Traveler changed our worlds, sticking to Venus up until the Collapse began. Oryx sent Crota to chase the fleeing Traveler since the Darkness was leading him other ways, and the Hive Prince claimed our Moon in the Collapse. When the Collapse began the Vex took several worlds and moons, and after the Collapse we found that the Cabal were on Mars and the Fallen had filtered in all across the system. The Jovians (the outer system, past the Asteroid Belt) also came under the control of the Nine at this time. Devils and Kings went to Earth, Winter to Venus, Wolves remained in the Jovians, and the House of Exile formed and settled on the Moon. The Cabal have a long history of war and expansion that we know little of, but their weapons and troops are powerful and tough and even their incredibly simple tactics never fail them. Planets, moons, other species, and seemingly even things as massive as stars are merely pathetic targets in a shooting range to them. The lifespan of a Cabal appears to be many centuries long, just like we can guess for the Fallen, but they have had no known contact with the Light or Darkness. Ghual and his teacher, Consul, supposedly overthrew the previous Emperor centuries ago and are still alive and well today. Although the Cabal have had a rough time against Guardians and Vex, they have still proved more than capable of holding and gaining ground in extremely harsh and long wars. Six Fronts showed the Devils that humanity would not fall easily, and although the Great Disaster and Eris's raid were failures they seemed to have slowed down Crota's plans. In these days before Twilight Gap both Devils and Kings lost a Kell, but both were replaced. The entirety of Devils, Winter, and Kings all united against the City in Twilight Gap, throwing everything they had against the walls to get to the Traveler. Wolves came to join too, but the Awoken stopped them in the Scatter, killing their Kell, Virixas, and half their forces. The remaining Wolves gathered under Skolas, Irxis, and Parixas, who fought against each other to become Kell while also fighting the Awoken. These were the Reef Wars. Eventually, even though the Awoken suffered many losses in the war, the crippled House of Wolves fell and all were either imprisoned or became servants of the Queen. The other Houses at Twilight Gap failed without the Wolves. In the years that followed, Guardian was revived and destroyed Sepiks Prime and killed the Archon Riksis of Devils, the Winter Kell Draksis, the Archon Priest Aksor of Wolves, Skolas of Wolves, Taniks the Scarred, Aksis the Devil Archon Priest, Crota and all his generals, Oryx and all his Court, many Vex Minds, the Garden's Heart, and the entire Cabal scouting legion command structure. Now that the Age of Triumph has come, the Fallen have all burned their banners and left their territory as one. We are also aware that Prince Uldren of the Awoken has bested the Kell of Kings and that after the Red Legion attacks a mysterious House colored in purple has appeared. The locations of Xivu Arath and Savathûn are unknown, but with Oryx truly dead and all current Hive threats in the system gone, only they and the Worm gods pose a threat. The Vex in our system are crippled but they will never stop trying to complete their Pattern. As their command and forces crumbled, the Cabal sent out a distress transmission for their Emperor and the Cabal empire responded with the Red Legion. A portion of Destiny's future will be revealed with D2, but for now this is all we have. The war between Light and Darkness still wages on. [i]Be prepared, oh reader mine[/i] Link to my Archive:

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