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Hablemos de Destiny.
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The Dark Age and City Age

I guess we can call this "foxburton99's History of Humanity in Destiny Part 2", but I'm just gonna stick with the title I have. Here's a link to the first one, which goes over the Golden Age and Collapse: As always, I hope you all learn something new. ____________________________ [b]The Dark Age:[/b] in the wake of the Collapse, humanity was spread thin across the surface. People were left to wander the wilds and gather into small communities to build new little towns. The cities were destroyed and dangerous. In the early years of this Age came the Fallen. They began scavenging and exploring our worlds, taking what little remained of our Golden Age for their own purposes and destroying most of the few things they didn't take. When they found the humans, it got down to killing and looting. But now the Risen began to appear; people chosen by Ghosts and gifted with the ability to be revived and use Light as a weapon. Many began gathering under the Traveler, Risen and non-Risen alike of all three races, and together they began building. Some stayed out in the wilds, not daring to hope for a better life under the Traveler, but rumors of a safe city began circulating and people began filtering into the new colony. The Risen would venture out and escort anyone they found to the Last City if they wanted to go (no one was forced to go). But in these early days when most of the population was still outside the City, the wilds fell under the control of Warlords. Warlords were the Risen who used their power to control territory and others, and although they protected those in their domain from Fallen, they were often cruel and cared nothing for others. The Iron Lords rose under Lord Radegast, who believed that the Risen were chosen for a reason and were meant for good. They gathered other Risen and confronted Warlords, forcing them to either surrender their territory and join the Iron Lords or be killed for their greed. The Warlords were wiped out in this crusade and the Lords numbered in the hundreds, but in their hopes of reclaiming humanity's former strength, they learned of SIVA. Meanwhile, back in the City, the Factions had formed and recruited Risen as enforcers and hired arms. Tensions between Factions grew and the Faction Wars broke out. A group of Risen who believed those revived by the Traveler were meant for more than this rose up amongst this chaos, supported by figures like the Speaker and Saint-14. Before this conflict could come to its own end, the Fallen House of Devils attacked in the Battle of Six Fronts. Four Titan orders held off the Fallen on Six Fronts and people like the Iron Lords, Osiris, Wei Ning, Rezyl Azzir, and Saint-14 fought and became famous. After all this the Consensus was formed and the Risen became known as Guardians. The beginning of the City Age is a blurred line, so I will take this chance to switch over [b]City Age:[/b] [quote]When did the City Age begin? Perhaps when the bulk of the world's survivors lived beneath the Traveler, rather than in the wilderness. Or when the Titans raised the first wall. Or at Six Fronts…[/quote] Before I move on to the events here, we need to discuss Azzir and Yor, because this story spreads through the Dark Age and the City Age. Rezyl Azzir was a Titan that was revived before the Faction Wars and accomplished much as a Guardian, but after Six Fronts he chased rumors of monsters on the Moon and was the first to travel to the Moon since the Collapse as well as the first to see the Hive. His gun (Rose) was corrupted by Xyor the Unwed and it seeded doubt and Darkness in Rezyl. Soon the Titan changed his name to Dredgen Yor (translation: the eternal abyss) and his weapon's name to Thorn. Dredgen killed the Guardian Pahanin and abandoned the name of Guardian, as well as eventually pushing away his Ghost and killing many people out in the wilds. During this time a child named Shin Malphur, who lived in a town called Palamon, met a Guardian named Jaren Ward. Jaren was wielder of The Last Word and noticed Light within Shin, so stayed in the small town and killed its tyrannical Magistrate Loken. Jaren and Shin went hunting after Dredgen, but Jaren was killed and his Ghost and gun moved on to Shin. Shin became a Hunter like Jaren and killed Yor with Golden Gun at Dwindler's Ridge. (This all most likely occurred before Twilight Gap and possibly even before the Great Disaster) Back to Six Fronts. Immediately after the battle, Saint-14 began a crusade against the Devils and the Consensus was formed within the City (including the Vanguard, of which Osiris and Zavala were instated. It's uncertain if Ikora was also around at this time). Either right before Six Fronts or right after, the Guardians Kabr, Praedyth, and Pahanin ventured into the Vault of Glass. Kabr died making the Vault conquerable, Praedyth was trapped inside, and Pahanin came out unstable. When Saint-14 finally finished his crusade by killing their Kell, Osiris left for Mercury (wether he was banished or abandoned his position as Vanguard of his own accord is unknown) and Saint followed. The current whereabouts of both are unknown. Judging by The City Age grimoire, the Great Ahamkara Hunt and the banishment of Toland probably also occurred in the time of Saint's ventures (Toland was confirmed banished before Osiris left the City). Somewhere around this time after Six Fronts, the Iron Lords found the SIVA Replication Chamber and went to take it. Their unauthorized entry awoke Rasputin, and the Warmind killed every single one aside from Saladin (Efrideet had already left the other Lords, so she doesn't count). Then the Battle of Burning Lake broke out between Guardians and Hive, and their slim victory there made them believe they could take the Moon back. Shaxx and Toland protested this idea (although Toland was already a banished loon), but the Consensus sent an army of Guardians anyway. It became known as The Great Disaster, because at the Battle of Mare Imbrium Crota rose from the depths and slaughtered everyone. Wei Ning died and Eriana-3 and Eris Morn became two the few survivors. The Moon became an off-limits zone. In their lust for revenge, Eriana and Eris gathered Toland the Shattered, Sai Mota, Vell Tarlowe, and Omar Agah. They all died in the Hellmouth aside from Eris, who survived and hid using Toland's teachings and even cut out Hive eyes and replaced her own with them. Then came Twilight Gap. The Fallen Houses of Devils, Kings, Winter, and Wolves attacked together to destroy the City and reclaim the Traveler. The Wolves never made it, as they were intercepted in the Reef (more on that in a minute). Many Guardians died at the Gap, but they held off the attack and eventually repelled the Fallen. The Wolves were stopped by Mara Sov and the Awoken (this was the first time they revealed their existence) in the first battle of the Reef Wars. Using her Harbingers, the Queen destroyed half the Wolf fleet in what was known as the Scatter. The Reef Wars began with the Wolves divided, 3 of their leaders fighting for control, and the Awoken eventually defeated the Wolves, establishing their rule over the House and imprisoning any that refused to obey or had been a problem during the Reef Wars. After Twilight Gap the City's territory receded and ventures outside of Earth became unheard of. We lost most of whatever holds we had on Venus and Mars and even much of those on Earth. And now we come to the first day of the game, which is still in the City Age. We face the Vault of Glass, Crota, the Wolves, Oryx, and SIVA, before moving on to the next age. [b]Age of Triumph:[/b] an age marked by the strengthening of the Light that came after Guardian's accomplishments during the City Age that pushed back the Darkness, giving hope to humanity once more. Of course, you can't win every battle, as we will soon see with the coming of the Red Legion. ________________________ Hope u all found this interesting, I also made a post on the history of all of Destiny (rather than just humanity), which goes over the events of the Books of Sorrow as well as a few others: Here's my Archive:

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