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8/18/2017 12:02:49 AM

I Don't Have Fun When I'm Alone

Something I've realized about myself recently is that I have a difficult time enjoying myself with anything if I'm doing it alone. I'm in the middle of several shows because I can't bring myself to watch them. It sounds like a chore, despite the fact that I love what I've seen of those shows so far. And the thought of playing my singleplayer videogames sounds incredibly boring, even though I've enjoyed them up to the point that I stopped playing them. And that brings up another issue. For some reason, the thought of doing the things I enjoy sounds like a chore. When I think about playing some of my favorite games or watching a show I really like, it's as if I'm being told to wash the dishes or take out the trash. Is anyone familiar with these feelings? Can anyone maybe give me any advice or link me to any relevant articles?

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