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8/12/2017 5:38:11 PM

Kittens & Cats or Puppies & Dogs?

Kittens/Cats (wrong)


Puppies/Dogs (right)


Neither (even more wrong)


Which one do you prefer? For me, it's a no brainer; puppies are cuter, more fun to play with, and when they aren't a puppy anymore, they retain the ability to be fun to have around. Puppies grow into companions, while kittens grow into self sufficient un-grateful creatures; 90% of them attacking you and anyone else. At a family reunion, my aunt told me her cat could "high-five" if I held out my palm, so I did, and the cat slapped its paw, claws extended into hand, leaning 5 red puncture marks. I muttered something the ninjas wouldn't like under my breath, looking at my aunt; who was under the belief that her cat actually politely high five'd me. So needless to say, the next time the cat was a asleep and my aunt wasn't looking I may or may not have emptied my glass of water on it's head. So #Offtopic, which one do you prefer? Do you have any funny stories to share? If so, please don't hesitate to share them. (Bonus points if it promotes dogs)

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