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8/9/2017 10:57:02 PM

>Be me, high elf

>Live normally >Some stupid monkeys start killing elves in faraway land >K. >Monkeys make their own country >K. >Monkey leader starts killing more elves across the land >uhh... >They start a war with our country >Wtf did I do to you? >They completely wreck us >Monkeys own us >Monkey leader conquers a lot >Wtfff????? >Long time passes >Monkey leader dies >We get rid of monkeys >Monkeys start worshipping monkey leader as a god >they're literally worshipping a monkey who commited genocide >ohhellno.gif >time passes >we start war with other, similar monkeys >we get to their capital by pure luck >whatnow.jpg? >ban worship of genocidal monkey >monkeys get upset over not being able to worship their genocidal monkey warlord >monkeys start rebellion in country originally started by monkey leader >wut >other monkeys who we beat in the war don't support rebellion >monkeys fighting over wirship of monkey warlord >whereisyourgodnow.jpg >monkeys go all out on each other >rekt Tl;dr - if you were a high elf, you'd also hate talos and want his worship banned.
#Gaming #skyrim

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