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Hablemos de Destiny.
8/5/2017 8:17:39 PM

The Relationships between the Three Main Classes: Who will come out on top?







I don't know


Hey guys, and you know what? I am interested in the great battle between the three classes. That's right, Titans, Warlocks and Hunters. Think of it like a popularity contest. We have all heard the arguments before. Now, in Destiny1, I felt that the main fireworks of popularity really resided between Hunters and Titans. They were always fighting for first place; constantly swapping places. Strangely though, Warlocks always seemed to be in second place. Here is a simpler rendition of that. 1st Place: Titan/Hunter 2nd Place: Warlock 3rd Place: Titan/Hunter Being a Warlock Main, I was ok with that. However, now that Destiny1 is coming to a close, I feel that while Titans have won some battles, Hunters have won the war. I don't really like Hunters myself -- they are too squishy -- but that is how I see the war has ended. Now, with Destiny2 coming out, and now that console users have had their fun in the beta, I wish to start a poll for which class the community (that includes You) thinks will come out on top. Think deep in your heart why the class that is your favorite should be on top. Is it the cosmetics? Abilities? Movement Patterns? Tell Us what you think.

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