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An Amazing story MY FIRST GALLARJHORN'S (must read) by:TheLuckiestPlayer (TTG Jonah)

When I was a small guardian it was around Christmas time during year one I had been playing this game since the beginning and I had worked my ass off playing the game when I could. I was never the best player always getting picked for last or not at all with my friends when they were doing raids. I had almost lost hope and then When all was almost lost I started playing crucible I wasn't the best player I was pretty bad (UNTILL NOW IM -blam!-ING RAW A CRUCIBLE LOOK AT MY HUNTERS K/D) I had finished a game at my grandparents house where I brung my Xbox one to play. And I had gotten 3rd place and I had done pretty well that game. I looked at my rewards and there it was gallarjhorn I was stunned so excited because it was my second exotic, I was always the luckiest one with exotics and I was the first one out of my friends to get one and I was so excited. Though there was one slight problem I had no idea what I actually got. To me it was just a boring rocket launcher and I had no idea I had something so special I showed my friends and they were mind blown. They were extremely a very and unpleasant that I had acquired such a magnificent beast from a crucible match and they were upset. I soon learned from my friend that I should be leveling up my gallarjhorn because of it's true potential. During that time I had received my second gallarjhorn from a legendary heavy engram and yes this was during the update when purple engrams could give you blues. I was happy filled with joy but I had no reason or purpose for this weapon of mass destruction it had no appeal to me. I kept it holding it for another character of mine that I was soon to make. I had fully leveled up my first gallarjhorn by that time and my friends wanted my to join the vault of glass hard level raid. I had joined and boy was it hard I Hadn't heard so much fighting from so many people at one time I had traveled with my friends to the final part of the raid only to have the leader disconnect and for us to break apart. I was still determined to fight the raid and complete it so I gathered my fellow companions and worked with them more calming there senses and fighting the boss again. Only this time we completed it I was so filled with joy not even looking at what I had acquired it was the vexmythoclass (sorry if I spelled it wrong) an Amazing weapons filled with wondrous power I was delighted because this was the only exotic I actually learned of. I had decided to go back to crucible with my weapons of destructions and I played hard I did amazing I even remember how many kills I got that game 33 was the number. That gun had fulfilled what I needed and wanted in destiny. But then there was a downtime where everyone started to leave and stop playing. And I followed until the second dlc came out house of wolves ( I did play the first dlc but I didn't get that's much) I had played house of wolves a lot expecting it to be my rise back to triumph and it was I had finished my first queens bounty and gotten a key for a specific chest and a special chest and with every new player you were guarantied a exotic from this chest. So I used this key of this exotic chest and found my self getting gallarjhorn 3 my third gallarjhorn my most prized possession I was extremely happy but at the same time a bit annoyed. A month later when the dlc was out I had been invited to a trials of Osiris run where I was going it go through the whole thing and beat all 9 games my squad did in fact beat it and they were excited. One of the players hadn't gotten gallarjhorn yet and was jealous I had made it to mercury and I opened the chest to receive another gallarjhorn I had started to laugh I was so confused and and annoyed I started to laugh. And at the same time my friend yelling and releasing so much anger at me for getting my fourth gallarjhorn. I felt bad for having so many things I did not want and watching the people who would do anything for one. I was upset I had gotten too many gallarjhorn and was fed up so I stopped and trained hard for other exotics I started finding them suros, the last word, And ANOTHER GALLARJHORN I though my quest was over but more like it started over this gallarjhorn had been found in another crucible match one that I was playing with my friends in. There rage and anger against me had faded and they stoped caring about it. And now that destiny two is coming out I hope that I CAN GET MORE EXOTICS BECAUSE IM THE LUCKIEST -blam!-ING PLAYER IN DESTINY (later I deleted most of them) and the clips were deleted of my Xbox. Thank you Sincerely TTGJonah Aka (TheLuckiestPlayer)

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