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Why the Outbreak Prime quest should be fixed

When I saw the first "How to get Outbreak Prime" video, I was pretty happy that there was something else for me to grind for, but I knew it would be a while before I got into a raid to actually start the quest. So about 2 months later, I finally finish the raid and am able to start the quest, but there was a problem... nobody is doing the quest anymorw which causes problems for those that are just starting it, such as I. I can't find another titan and warlock, that are on the same step as I am, to actually get past part 2 or 3 depending on how you look at it. It should be changed in such a way that does not require a fireteam the entire time, such as the puzzles, the raid bit is fine; because people are still doing the raid weekly. This quest was a great idea to begin with, but now it is just frustrating Update: After about 2 weeks of having the quest I finally got a team to get most of it done, thanks to the community for all the help and clearing things up for me. I still think Bungie should make it a little easier on us to complete the quest, so feel free to use this post to talk about what you think should be done with the quest, wether that be nothing or a complete overhaul.

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