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ninja-power15: Information for Clans to Know About Me

I'm a PS4 player looking to join an active clan to join a PvE and PvP clan that will help me improve my overall skill and understanding of Raids, Trials, etc. I can also use Discord and Band but, is willing to get any apps for communication. I'm usually on alot during the week and weekends. I love to meet new people but, I'm shy at first. I am willing to give a clan a shot, just as long as I don't have to argue and if the clan is active. Most importantly, I don't wanna deal with people flexing or people trying to get into my head. Just looking to have a good time with some friends and enjoy the grind. [b][u]Strengths[/u][/b] Corta Raid King's Fall Raid Nightfall Strikes [b][u]Weaknesses[/u][/b] WotM VoG Trials [b][u]Improving Currently[/u][/b] PvP Skills (Currently Titan for PvP but, I want to expand my skill to other characters) Titan Skills Warlock Skills Hunter Skills (This is my main character, I just wanna further understand the character)

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