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Solo 390 Crota's End - Full Raid On All 3 Classes!

[b]Hunter:[/b] [b]Titan:[/b] [b]Warlock:[/b] [b]Solo 390 Flawless Raider:[/b] [i]Recently finished Hunter, which completes all 3 classes solo'ing the updated 390 Crota's End in its entirety :) Hunter was by far the hardest and has the coolest bridge section, Titan one is pretty neat too![/i] ======================= First and foremost again, full credit to "Vosik the Archpriest" who found the final missing piece to make the Titan Solo Bridge possible (and figured out the rest on his own), and for the Solo Hunter Bridge strategy as well. They were also the first to complete the Bridge on all 3 classes on Normal Mode. Their channel can be found here: The major difference in all the videos lies in how you handle the updated bridge section; all 3 have a unique way of doing it. [b][u]Bridge Section[/u][/b] [b]Warlock Bridge:[/b] First is Warlock which is the easiest of the lot. You just simply need to have self-res up when you jump over, land on the very edge of the bridge and not move forward any further. Jump up and down to bait the Gatekeeper and kill it there. The sword will time out and you will die to "Bane of the Swordless", but because you don't move forward enough to a safe zone the game recognizes the original side as your last safe point and spawns you there. Repeat this 5 times and success. [b]Titan Bridge:[/b] Titan is then next, and was the major hurdle for the longest time. However, as it turns out you don't get "Crota's Grasp" if you're sword-blocking across the bridge which makes you able to get back to the other side. And if you kill the Swordbearer on the other side of the map, the invisible barrier preventing you returning is removed and you can get past it. For this you need a Blessing bubble at the edge bridge once you get over. You have to "Form the Bridge" solo, which involves stepping on and off the plates at precise intervals (I wait until I hear the second loud "screech noise" and move on/off in the exact same way every time). If you do this correctly you can get the bridge to form, and you can sword block over with the Blessing's Overshield. It takes quite a bit to get used to the timing, but you can become very consistent with it. Repeat this 4 times and on the 5th Gatekeeper kill you're at the final phase! Also as a subtle note, if you kill a very limited amount of Thrall no other enemy types spawn (Acolytes/Knights namely), which allows for a safe return. [b]Hunter Bridge:[/b] Hunter follows the same principle as the Titan; solo form the bridge and sword-block across, but in a much more difficult manner. You don't have an overshield to work with to allow you to make it the distance of the bridge, so you need to make it up with speed. Between every "damage tick" you block crossing the bridge, you also need to sword swing for a the increased movement speed. Do this enough and at the right timing, and you can make it across with barely any HP! Hunter is by far the hardest of the 3 classes to get done, but also the most satisfying to complete. [b][u]Crota:[/u][/b] The rest of the raid follows the same ideas on each class, other than Crota himself. There's a lot of different videos out there on how to do it, but it comes down to personal preference. I personally feel that for Titan the safest way is how I did it in the Solo 390 Flawless Raider above. Using a Weapons of Light Bubble and Dragon's Breath, then shotgunning the Oversoul. For Warlock, the safest and easiest way by far (personally) is using double Solar Grenades with the Sunbreakers Exotic Gauntlets. 2 Solar Grenades bring Crota down from those alone, and you can throw those while holding the sword. I like to wait until my Sword Super is about half-way charged, throw the 2 Solar Grenades and by the time Crota goes down your Sword super is just up, allowing for an easy 3 Slam + Super on each down. Do that twice + a 2 Slam on the third, and it makes for a very easy kill. For the Oversoul you can use Sleeper and get a triple bounce; two shots brings it down from the right spot. Hunter is the worst I feel, there's a couple of different strategies but the most common is Gjallarhorn as I used in the video. However, Gjallarhorn is prone to not working consistently so you have to pray to RNG for it to work properly half the time. You need to fire a 2 Ghorns + 1 Throwing Knife to bring him down, but the timing will vary based on Ghorn and how it works. Hunter also takes a lot more damage due to their stats, so it's harder to survive overall. The only upside is you'll be using Golden Gun + Nighthawk which makes the Oversoul a non-issue. ======================= On the Titan + Hunter one I sword fly through the Abyss. For that you need a lot of Sword ammo (perk + artifact helps). You have to face the same direction that I do and just after the Darkness Zone hits you want to break the jump. Titan you Twilight Garrison, and then count 7 sword combos (light swing + heavy swing repeatedly). At 7 start turning to the right towards the lamps and you avoid the death barrier. On Hunter + Warlock, do 8 combo's and much the same. I think that should cover most of it! Pretty happy to finally get all 3 class solo's done on 390, along with the 390 Flawless Raider :) Any questions feel free to ask!

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