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6/7/2017 2:39:30 PM

(PS4)--Clan Holy Empire Kingdom Weekly Post: OPEN RECRUITMENT.

(PS4)--Clan Holy Empire Kingdom Weekly Post: OPEN RECRUITMENT. Holy Empire Kingdom Clan is a multi-gaming clan for competitive players. Newbies and Veterans. We will assure to provide a fun, respectful and friendly atmosphere for all of our members, worldwide and unisex. (We don't care what gender you are ;) ) We were born on GTA V [PS3] in 2013 to restart on 2015 on Destiny for PS4. This Holy Empire Clan with 40+ active members. Only the Best Remains. Our members play a wide variety of games (Destiny, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, Battlefield 4, The Division, GTA V, Lost Planet 2, Yu-Gi-Oh!, KillZone: ShadowFall, Resident Evil: 6 and Sword Art Online). The Holy Empire Kingdom Uses Social Media to comunicate to Clan Members. We use the following Media: 1) Whatsapp Messenger: Basing on the game you play, We have created sub-divisions for better comunication. 2) Facebook 3) Twitter Every Member of The Holy Empire Kingdom should open a Youtube Channel for the PS4 Broadcasting System. The HEK Member must change his name profile in: [HEK] -insert member nickname here- Our Channels Are: 1) Huntergius_93, The [HEK] Leader: 2) salvamax96, [HEK] Admin: 3) XV4LiGHtxX, [HEK] Member 7) agentepaul, [HEK] Member How to join?: Potential members applying to The Holy Empire Kingdom must be at least 16 years or older. You can become an official Clan Member by registering on the following sites: For Destiny For GTA V and Rockstar Games -Under Maintenance- For Battlefield 4 -Under Maintenance- For KillZone ShadowFall -Under Maintenance- And... Da Rulez. Yes We DO Have rules, few but must be followed in order to Be a Full [HEK] Member: 1) REGISTERING on our Bungie Clan Page ( by sending N° TWO (2) Clan Requests (1. Request Join; 2. Set as Playstation Clan) 2) (OPTIONAL) SENDING via PSN Message their own Phone Number (WITH National Code +..!!!) Q: Why? A: Because we COMUNICATE better via Whatsapp Clan Groups for better and flexible Comunications between Clan Members and Clan Admins 3) SETTING your own Clan Avatar as Profile Image on PSN through the app "PlayStation app" for Clan Rappresentation and Prestige. Also you can contact directly The Leader or His Admins We are: Leader: Huntergius_93 (SPA)(ITA)(ENG)(FRA) Clan Admins: salvamax96 (ITA)(ENG) alebreak01 (ITA)(ENG) alek1714, (ITA)(ENG) matthew619666, (ITA)(ENG) elegomark, (ITA)(ENG) GreyGuren (ITA)(ENG) And then completing an interview by chatting via PSN Party, messaging or voice messaging. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Just we need to know if you really are a person who really INTENDS to be on a clan group. in a SUMMON: We Respect Players and Who wants to join our Little Family BUT We DO NOT ALLOW: 1) Under 16 people and/or Immature ones. 2) Rage-Quitters 3) Impatient, Light--godwinslaw!-, Osiris/Crucible--godwinslaw!-, Raid--godwinslaw!- People Q: Why "-godwinslaw!-"? A: For us -godwinslaw!-=is the one who discriminate who Don't-Know-How to do a certain Activity 4) SOLITARY WOLVES Players. We are a Clan, Remember? Interviews/ Evaluation Week : via Whatsapp Group/ Direct Party Chat dedicated for the new-comers. ------------------------------------------------------------ Every single HEK Member will have a customized avatar, by your choice. Just tell me what reppresents you and I am making it for you. image + HEK tag ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for your time! If you have any questions, Just ask The Leader or The Admins We'd be happy to answer them! With Love, [HEK] Huntergius_93 -The Leader-

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