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6/6/2017 5:44:20 PM

3oC Revamp

3oC isn't a problem, it's a symptom of improperly applied rarity tiers, a proposal for how to fix this can be found here: 3oC could return not as a chance to get more exotics, but as a sort of universal knuckles of eao/moldering shards. But they have to be hard to come by, or have a ridiculous cooldown to seem worth it. So to recap my Rarity Tier Revamp proposal, make exotics hard to come by (xur no longer sells them, 3oC no longer drops them) but capable of being dropped by any enemy in the game/any activity (likelyhood will be based on enemy difficulty). Then dig out a new tier in between legendary and exotic that's incompatible with exotics, but limited to two weapons or armor pieces. It'll be a somewhat fluid class that lets you ramp up legendaries or ramp-down exotics, allowing more aesthetic options in general, and allowing chroma to be relegated to artifacts that apply to every piece of armor. So then 3oC will be for dipping back into the last loot table you accessed for activities, or before you get loot and there are various ways of balancing it so that it feels valuable but fair. The cooldown could be everyday, There could be a limit to how many you can earn a week, you may have to complete the activity each time, or you could simply make them hard to come by, (like as Y1 style-nightfall rewards). It may help consolidate a future where every activity has a double-reward item, or provide quality of life benefits for people with a life outside the game. And of course, because I said any loot table, it could work for any exotic-chests or exotic-likely bosses, if you don't care for my new red engrams.

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