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Editado por EternalAzhrei: 6/4/2017 11:50:46 PM

Players should hang onto a Max Agility Armor Set in Destiny 2

For the inevitable jumping puzzles. Not everyone cares about agility for their regular play, a lot of people care about running tough and being able to rumble. Cool, go for it. It's a good playstyle. But there will be jumping puzzles eventually... so make sure you hang on to armor in every category that focuses on agility over armor and recovery. You will likely need to max that stat at some point. That was the nice thing about Destiny 1, when you wanted to change that stuff, it was right there in the subclass tree and it didn't take up space for other armor you might want on you. Instead, you could flip a couple easy switches and be good. But that is changing for Destiny 2, and it's better to be prepared. I like that armor, agility, and recovery are on armor in Destiny 2, it makes sense. Heavy armor that protects you more SHOULD make you move slower and not jump as high, and it should determine how much it focuses on your shields. It makes sense. This will just be an unfortunate side effect of that system. So plan ahead, and encourage other players to do the same. Oh, and be ready for people to complain that they don't have armor for jumping puzzles when we first start encountering them. That'll probably hit the forum pretty hard.

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