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Am I the only one who didn't like the new UI?

I like the new UI


I don't like the new UI


So after watching the reveal for Destiny 2's gameplay, I have a slight issue with something. Everything looks mostly the same, which isn't a bad thing. It is a sequel, after all. However, there was a lack of radar, and the gun/ammo, super, and ability icons, were condensed into a single bar on the bottom right (like Destiny 1), which not only seemed to take up more space, but the icons seemed much smaller than before. Now don't get me wrong, it looked very clean and professional, but my main issue (aside from the opaque bar across the top) is the spacing. If our entire UI is condensed into a single bar in a corner of the screen, it makes everything feel very crowded, which I personally don't like at all. My question to anyone reading this is, do you feel the same way? Is the new UI too bunched up, or is it alright with you? Also, my question to the developers (if they ever see this) is, will we be able to customize our UI? As someone who can't see detail past 10ft without glasses, and gets headaches while playing games with small UIs and small text (because of the squinting), I'm curious to know if we'll be able to scale the user interface up, or even change it back to the Destiny 1 transparent tall block version if we want. Thanks for reading/voting, and please feel free to leave a comment explaining why you voted like you did. I'm curious to see everyone's opinion on this.

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