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5/19/2017 2:14:36 AM

"Unlocked" is not the same as "60FPS" - The More You Know

i hear a lot of people saying "yah!" on PC being 60fps for Destiny ... except it isn't, the official advertisement is "Unlocked Framerate" - - this is not 60fps - - granted, it could GET UP TO 60fps, but just like the previous "Unlocked Framerate" title in FF15, it doesn't mean you get stability when FF15 went "unlocked framerate" for 1080p, people thought they were getting 60fps, just like with Destiny, but what they got was "prettier lag" in UNLOCKED FRAMERATE you can have speeds of 63fps for a few minutes, and then a dip to 55fps for a few minutes, or literally jump between 47 and 61fps every time you shoot your gun sure, it's "smoother" than a LOCKED 30fps, but you're gonna feel that input lag, trust me; they NEEDED to say "LOCKED 60fps" for PC, and they didn't ... they DIDNT do that on purpose, too

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