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5/14/2017 9:39:36 AM

Solo 390 Crota's End on TITAN - FULL RAID

[b]Video:[/b] [i]Otherwise known as 23 minutes of Solo Bridge and some other non-important encounters![/i] ================================ Pretty much as the title says, this is a full clear of the Updated 390 Crota's End Raid in Age of Triumph, Solo on a Titan. In the video I included every section of the raid as a solo clear. For the Abyss I show the Sword Flying Skip, and for the Crota fight itself it was the one sword kill. The only thing that was preventing this for the longest time was getting the Solo Bridge completed. And for this, [b]full credit to Vosik the Archpriest[/b] who was the first to clear the Bridge on Normal Mode, and discovered the missing pieces to make this possible! I had previously found the removal of the Crota's Grasp, however I kept getting blocked by a wall on solo during the middle of the bridge, so I just thought it wouldn't work solo. However after seeing his method of sniping the Swordbearer from across the map, it removed the invisible barrier in the middle of the bridge and made it possible. He discovered all of those things on his own without my help, and I was able to find the very last piece from his method so full credit for that! Their video can be found here: As a basic strategy guide for the Bridge section alone, for whatever reason when you cross back over the Bridge while swording blocking, the debuffs of "Crota's Grasp" seems to bug out and not apply to you. The downside is you need a Blessing's Bubble over-shield to survive the entire distance, and you have to be quick as if the sword isn't still up (30 seconds timer) then an invisible wall will appear in the middle of the bridge. Add on that if you take nearly ANY damage while crossing the bridge, you will die. Otherwise, the rest is as you see! Timestamps for each section are as follows: [b]00:00[/b] - Solo Abyss with Sword Flying Skip [b]03:40[/b] - Solo Bridge on Titan: [b]25:50[/b] - Solo Shrieker's Hallway [b]26:40[/b] - Solo Deathsinger / Ir Yut [b]29:05[/b] - Solo 1 Sword Crota: Unfortunately Hunter cannot do the Bridge ([i]currently[/i]), however this does make Solo Flawless Raider possible again (albeit much more difficult than before). Any questions feel free to ask!

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