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5/6/2017 10:58:07 PM

(Not) Another Nokris thread

Okay friends, I've just had an idea. In this thread we will discuss a possible situation for Nokris' current status. Here goes: Could it be possible that Nokris is still alive, in waiting? Everyone knows Nokris as an unsung figure in the Hive's history due to statue being present on Oryx's Dreadnaught, but no written record of him either in the Books of Sorrow or the World's Grave. Many have assumed him to be a spawn of Oryx, much like Crota, or someone of equal importance to him. Today, while playing The Will of Crota strike, Ikora Rey said something that raised a question. [quote] Omnigul is the last of Crota's generals. She is the architect of her master's Wakening. As long as she lives, the threat of Crota's return will haunt this world.[/quote] This got me thinking. If Crota needs another his to act as his waker, whats to say Oryx does not as well? I think this is pretty exciting. If this Hive has the ability to resurrect their master, I'd imagine they'd want to keep them safe and/or hidden until the time comes. This leads me to believe that Nokris may still be present somewhere, waiting until it is called by it's master. Thanks guys, I hope it was a good read. Did it answer questions, or only create more? Please, leave comments down below and let me know what you think!

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