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4/17/2017 5:29:59 PM

i, for one, think the latest weapons patch is the single greatest patch the game has ever received...why?

I agree. Crucible is advancing.


I disagree. Crucible is getting worse.


first off, we're gonna throw out the actual bugs - - stuff like health regen failing across the board, which they fixed; or repeat updates from the book of triumph, which they plan to fix legitimately broken subjects aside (not opinionated subjects) this patch is a godsend for people who actually play the game a) "meta" be damned, guns are finally balanced, completely, - - i can, with full confidence say that i can pick up any gun of any archetype and use it within its designated field of play and achieve the desired victory b) primaries are finally primary; and with so many people finally learning how to counter the short lived sidearm era, snipers and shot guns are coming back into play (fusions kind of remain where they have been) c)"bring back special" aside, i think we've gone the longest period of time in the entire history of destiny without a gun being called out as too strong or too weak, the crucible is finally fixed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ what the "real" problem is : human nature people go into the crucible to win, and they will do so with whatever setup has the best TimeToKill they don't care what weapon it is, what type it rolls with, all they care about is that it's the best, and they will never use any other set-up that's how a lot of people play, and that is what gives birth to the "meta" - - with trials of osiris being the worst thing to ever happen to this game, and give rise to the worst of the playerbase to even prove my point, just this weekend, i've heard *NOTHING* of sidearms being OP in trials ... in fact, most of the posts i see are complaining about sticky grenades and SNIPERS TL;DR there is no "meta" - there is only streamers using what they believe shaves off that 0.05 seconds off their TTK so they have the absolute best loadout, all the while rocking their T12 and telling all their viewers to use those guns or loadouts, and then everyone copies each other, and when the skilled meet the unskilled in trials, the latter come to the forums and cry nerf fact of the matter is, some people suck at this game and they will never be "good enough" - - just focus on having fun and maybe ONE DAY you'll have more luck and trials of osiris means nothing, especially when the "new cool thing" to do is get a blank card with no boons, play for 3 rounds and wipe the card so you can ELO farm noobs i have never enjoyed this game as much as i have with the latest updated content to this game, and i hope Bungie continues with this pattern, at least "in a way" going forward

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