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4/15/2017 12:24:39 PM

Clan Mission Statement / About Field won't let me proceed even with less than 1000 characters in it

I'm trying to set up a new clan, and was always receiving either an invalid red text pop up in the mission statement stating "Over 1000 characters", or a pop up message stating "About Field is too long, please make it between 0 - 1000 characters. (28)". So I used a free tool to count the number of characters, which comes to 981, but it still won't accept it, stating it exceeds the quota, but only with the pop up message. When it was over 1000, I got the red text dialogue in the mission statement text box. Since reducing it, I now just get the pop up message, preventing me from saving. Here is the text I'm trying to enter (Below the line) --------------------------------------- This is the XB1 (15+) PvP specialist clan within the Army of Prose alliance. Though PvE will be present, we hope to attract the competent warriors for crucible to compete for the top seats! Requirements to join: *Sign up to the clan's groupme chat (link in the new members post in the group's forum) *Must have a minimum K/D of 1.2 across all crucible variants in general *Your top Playlist ELO must be above 1200 (Use to see your stats) As part of the alliance, clan members can also join the Alliance Chat on groupme with members from other XB1 allied clans; Take part in the Army of Prose Iron Banner event, where members from all allied clans can join the Army of Prose [AoP] clan for IB to compete against other clans on; You will represent your clan in tournaments against other clans within the Alliance. This clan will be mostly Central European, UK and American (Eastern, Central and Pacific) time zones with English being the language used. --------------------- Thank you for your help! Millenium_Milk

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