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Editado por BruceLee_NL: 3/30/2016 2:34:36 PM

No Dedicated Servers, No Destiny 2 for Me

If there will be no dedicated servers on Destiny 2, i am not buying it. Already 1.5 year PvP and also PvE is mostly frustrated. The only people which can mostly play normaly are people which mostly have Lag Compensation advantage (Latency Lag) -----> you know: they win all the fights, because they see you (and so start shooting) earlier on their screen. For you it's like you die from 1 bullet, you don't have any armor or that you are shooting with a water pistol. For the enemies it's like they own you big time :) The rest of us are playing in the hope to be on the right side of the connection, for once....just because we know it's possible. This counts for all the PvP game modes. Mostly 1 red bar players are MVP. Only possible in Destiny. I have 11ms PING on speedtest and 0 packet loss: always being punished for my good connection. I see enemies much too late on my screen, or my bullets not being registered because of enemies packet loss/ bad connection. Dedicated Servers WOULD solve 95% of all problems, especially the latency lag. (my experience on COD) Also i think that players with bad connections should be punished and not rewarded.

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