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Looking for good Latinos players to join Alien Rave.

I'm a year 1 player that missed year 2 and came back in year 3. I have a PS4 clan called Alien Rave with my friends but they no longer play Destiny. Matchmaking seems atrocious in year 3 and I need good people to just play Crucible with so we dont get slaughtered by teams of tryhards. I also raid and do Challenge of the Elders as well other weeklies. I also do Trials of Osiris. This clan is for people to play together so that you dont have to go solo or get on LFG and look for randoms every week. I don't require that people play everyday but Im on almost everyday so feel free to join me for some daily guardian on guardian action in the Crucible or weeklies. Please have over a 1.0 K/D and don't be a jerkface (racist, homohobic, mysoginst). I also speak Spanish so bilingual members are prefered but not required. Plus I got the the coolest clan name. Join Alien Rave! PS4 only.

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