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Age of Triumph: Vault Space & TEASER!

Yes, add more vault space! Must collect!


No, mom taught me never to be a hoarder!


Meh, I'm emotionally detached and don't care.


Just wanna see what people cry about...(results)


Dear Bungie, First off, thank you for giving us one last event before we all turn our [i]gaze[/i] towards Destiny II. I have put more hours into Destiny than I have any other console game (who knows how many hours I sank into the original StarCraft and Brood War). I have thoroughly enjoyed Destiny. Now, what I would love to have added along with the new "content" would be additional vault space. I, like many other Guardians, have very limited extra space or none at all. As a collector, or hoarder, I like to keep some of my original gear and weapons like my first ever legendary (year one Swarm) and first ever exotic (year one Thunderlord). I also like to keep certain items like each of the class items for sub-classes and faction exotics. So, it's understandable that I am running out of room and I'm sure others feel the same way. If you are adding new "content" with loot for us to grind for, wouldn't it make sense to add more space in our vaults for us to put that loot? Even if it is just one more page per category, that would be sufficient to most of us. So, please, Bungie, listen to the community. Live Team, listen to us when we've been begging for a larger vault since well before Rise of Iron dropped. This would help a lot of us out and would show you do listen and take into consideration what the community as a whole wants...[i]and not just streamers and Trials of Osiris cry babies.[/i] [spoiler]Beware the incoming salt...[/spoiler]

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