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2/24/2017 12:50:27 AM

This Week at Bungie Summary

1. Sidearms are getting nerfed to get similar effects to all other specials 2. Skorri's now requires a kill to activate it's perk, hopefully leading to a less campy play style 3. Truth is receiving max reload speed to compensate for the mag size change. 4. NLB is getting it's intrinsic perk, Unflinching, tweaked so that it now flinches like regular sniper rifles. 5. Blink is getting it's recovery nerf undone and it's HUDless time reduced. Might see a resurgence but we'll have to wait and see. Bonus: Iron Banner is back next week, with the Lingering Song and the Laughing Heart being the weapons available from the vendor. Hopefully we can see a LitC Rifled roll on the Lingering Song and Snapshot on the Laughing Heart (because of the Quickdraw changes).

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