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Sidearm Spam in the Crucible (hear me out)

Hello everybody so I have been playing Destiny since January of 2016. I'm not enjoying this update for one reason they are favoring sidearms too much. Sidearms aren't OP at all in fact they should stay the same but they are being favored too much due to they having ammo on spawn. Bungie shouldn't have done this because they created a problem of special weapon diversity. For an example I've been playing elimination for most of the past two days and my god it is so annoying almost everybody is running NLB and Sidearm. I have tried to run every weapon imaginable and I'm having a lot of problems because when the round ends or I die I have to wait 45 secs for special while let's say I kill them and they have a sidearm they get to keep their special ammo while I have to wait. I would like to use different special weapons like lets say a sniper that isn't NLB, My shotguns or My fusion rifles. This is just really getting on my nerves and this needs to be fixed ASAP, but Bungie don't Nerf Sidearms just make it so you don't lose your special ammo when you die or the round ends or Sidearms don't get to keep their ammo (except Dreg's Promise and vestian dynasty for obvious reasons) *Please Respond so I know what you think.* BTW I really think primaries are almost perfect except Mid ROF pulses, High DMG hand cannons, and Low DMG hand cannons (except last word that's in a great spot RN)

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