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2/10/2017 10:46:08 AM

Three of Coins (3oC) questions

Hello Guardians =) I need some informations about 3oC and I hope, as always, in your help. So, every week, if Xur doesn't bring anything of my interest, I usually buy 100 or more 3oC and I simply activate it everytime I can. When I kill an Ultra, 3oC get scaled and then I immediately replace it with another one. Easy. I active only 1 3oC. Every day I try to do a sort of... uhm... "Ultra Rush"? I go in the Cosmodrome and I active the Execution Patrols trying to get the "Troll Patrol" or the Taken's Patrol to kill Falsek. Going around for The Divide I also usually kill Darnu that is pretty easy to get down. So I have 3 Ultra in a very small Area and that's good for me. Normally doing this I get an Exotic avery... 9-10 3oC but this is very realtive. Now, in theese days I've played with other guys and they told me that 3oC has some sort of "hidden mecchanincs" like a cool-down of 10-15 minutes, a strange rapport of the number of Coins you spend and how many 3oC you buy ecc ecc. I really didn't get this... so... can someone please give me some explanation about? Thanks!

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