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Editado por GH0STCIVIC: 2/2/2017 5:42:04 PM

"The Rise of Iron Wolves" is seeking all chilled out Guardians (18+) - XBOX ONE, UK Clan

The Destiny "lull" has hit again and some of our previously active members have decided to take a break from Destiny until new content arrives. Unfortunately, that leaves the rest of us with holes to fill with LFG posts which not only waste time but don't always provide chilled out team members. "[b]The Rise of Iron Wolves[/b]" is a Clan where all chilled out Guardians can come to find other like minded team mates that are [b][i]chilled[/i][/b], [b][i]not obnoxious[/i][/b] or [b][i]aggressive[/i][/b] and are [b][i]of legal age to buy booze[/i][/b]! Yum yum!! Due to time zone differences and in order to make things a bit easier for everyone when arranging an activity, we are ideally looking for UK based Guardians or those close to GMT however, our clan is open to all as long as you meet the criteria mentioned above. G

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