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publicado originalmente en: Deadly Star: Prelude, Part I
2/1/2017 12:43:32 AM
[quote]This is the start of a new series, that will tie into the [url=]House of Scar[/url] series from time me to time. This prelude is going to be short, and come in two parts. It's kind of a spin-off to a new character I've recently added to the series, named "Captain Clubber". The spin-off is not entirely based on him, but you will see what he turns out to be. Enjoy! Present time: Late Golden Age RECORD 56-Chasm-356 I am Captain Elvis Kirk, and I serve Maya Sundaresh, the founder of the Future War Cult. My crew and I study Vex ruins to further advance our Device, a machine that allows the user to see into other timelines. My other duties are to be kept from record. I worry that my crewmen are not entirely pleased with me. More so, my first officer, Fez Clubber. He seemed like a fine man and a focused soldier when I promoted him, but now he is restless. Clubber wants to command a ship, and become captain; but after the disastrous meeting in New York City, when my best friend and crewman, Court Roman, was killed by an "assassin", I will not have him promoted. I refuse to believe Clubber's story, and I am challenging him to that in an hour. I was friends with Court Roman before we were recruited to join the Future War Cult. I met him when I was a teenager, when I was walking down the streets of Brooklyn to get home. He saved me from a couple of muggers trying to take the money I had saved up for college. Court showed up before it happened, and it was smart to carry a gun if you were walking the streets at night. They took off as soon as they saw it; I owed him a lot after that. We had been through everything together, from high school to soldiers in the FWC. He taught me everything in high school, and he continued to even after that. When he died, I could not believe that it happened. I am almost positive that Fez Clubber did this, for he had always had his own agenda. I caught him scheming sometimes, but not on this scale. He made up the lie, and he was always acting like he hid something. Unfortunately, seeing how Clubber is, I do not think this is the first man he has killed. I believe he might have killed him to have his scummy friend, Mason, promoted. I told Dr. Sundaresh about it, but she didn't think Clubber would have such a plot, and she had Mason promoted anyway. This time I take matters into my own hands. Fez Clubber should never have gotten into the Future War Cult. END RECORD I got on the ship's intercom and said, "First Officer Fez Clubber, I need you in the meeting room immediately." Fez Clubber was a Latino, with long dark hair and a well-trimmed beard. His face was chiseled, his eyes a dark blue and that of a snake. He had a sly smile to compliment those eyes. Well-muscled, excelled in his training, above all the other's in the FWC's harsh training conditions. Fez Clubber was a man to fear, but I would show no fear for him, because I knew that was how he gets off. He was first to speak. "You wanted to see me, captain?" His voice was deep with a Spanish accent, and he was only serious when he needed to be; this was one of those times. I replied, "Yes, Clubber. I'm sure you are tired of it by now, but we have to discuss what happened in New York City. I find it hard to believe that an assassin would kill Lieutenant Henry Ija'an. No one would have come for him, he had a perfect record!" The grimace told everything. For less than a split second I swear that I see guilt, but at the same time, Fez Clubber is not the type of man to know guilt. He spoke up, and said, "Captain, this conversation is irrelevant and has been irrelevant since Seattle. Dr. Sundaresh denounced it, and Lieutenant Mason took Ija'an's place. There's not much more to discuss." He acted as if his death was nothing, and that there was nothing to care about in the world. "I'm not a fool, Fez!" I slammed my fist on the table and he looked at me with shock. Clubber began to heat up. He stood up threateningly. "I had nothing to do with it, Kirk! Henry's death is not my doing, and that is that. You will stop [i]this[/i] line of questioning, if you know what is good for Kell of scar, I would like to thank you for all the support on house of flames

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